If you have Insuance, How does Drug Rehab work?

05.16.14 (3:13 am)   [edit]

Drug Rehab - If you have Insurance, how does it work???

o if you're reading this you have probably already decided you need it or someone you care about does. Needing drug or alcohol detox and treatment is no laughing matter; its life or death.

So what kind of options to do you hve. Lets look at this more.

First off, if you're reading this, Im guessing you do HAVE insurance.

Yes I knw everyone should have insurance but I mean real insurance.

In insurance going to pay for this? Yes, probably, but how much will they pay, what is the co-pay?
How long will they pay???

How long do you (this person) need to stay in a drug rehab?
Is it a 30 day plan, 60? 90? or more.

Lets just make it plain. 30 days is not going to cut it.  You'll be back using again almost immediately.  The relapse rates for people coming out of 30 day rehabs are astronomical.

If you want to change your life, 90 days is the minimum.

Hate to break it to you

Forget the "The Cure" to drug addiction or alcoholism, or changing your diet.  Its not going to happen.  Doesnt work .. in my humble opinion.

 So you have insurance. Yes, everyone should have it but do you have "good insurance"

What insurance do you have???

Cigna Insurance. Value Options, Aetna Insurance , Blue Cross? Some other weird kind?

Some drug rehabs take insurance, others will not. You may have to call around.

Find out how long they recommend you stay.

What accreditation do they have?

See if they are JACO accredited. Thats a really big deal by the way. You dont even need to know what it is, but that its important and not many drug treatment centers have a JACO cert.

 Have hope though. No matter what, there is hope. Since you are reading this now, you're already taking action. Continue on taking the next step, you want to talk to someone. For sure. 

Look around and explore different options but make sure you move forward.

It really is life or death and you should treat it that way. Dont let someone you care about die.